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Bed bugs can be overwhelming and frustrating pests to deal with. They will bite and leave behind itchy, swollen marks that can pose health risks to the people that live or have come in contact with the infested area.

Bed Bugs exist in all corners of the world and are quite common common here in Ottawa. The sneaky little pests are active at night and hide in the dark areas of your home during the day.

Furthermore, bed bugs carry serious physical and mental health implications. People that live with bed bugs can suffer from diseases and also from insomnia, anxiety, and depression due to frequent disturbances and bites from the bugs. 

Additionally, bed bugs spread with ease due to their size, therefore without proper pest control, a bed bug infestation can quickly become rampant and spread across numerous locations.

Let The Bed Bug Co-op deal with the bed bug infestation the proper way!

Asked Questions

Bed Bugs are tiny, oval-shaped, parasitic insects that survive by consuming the blood of people (and animals) while they’re sleeping. They’re characterised by their lack of wings, red/brown colour scheme, and red bite marks which you may find around your body. They can last months without blood – meaning you can have them without knowing about it!


Bed bugs have a global presence although they are said to be most popular in developing countries. Recently, their presence has been exploding across Canada and the USA. Their presence isn’t connected to cleanliness, meaning you may have them without knowing. Read more about our K9 service if you suspect you have bed bugs but aren’t completely sure.

You’ll likely notice bed bugs by their bite marks on your body or the body of a family member. These bites, however, can take up to two weeks to develop; meaning that the infestation has likely gotten worse by the time you notice it. Make sure to keep an eye out for bed bug exoskeletons, bed bugs in the folds of your bed, and rusty-coloured spots from their excrement.


We also offer a unique K9 unit detection service. Our specially trained K9 unit is able to sniff out bed bugs and locate their precise location. Bed bugs can be hard to find even by professional standards – that’s why searching by scent rather than sight can make all the difference.

There are many ways to exterminate bed bugs. However, many of these techniques are outdated and potentially harmful for yourself, your home, and your furniture. Fumigation, for instance, releases toxic chemicals into your home that can potentially remain post-fumigation. 


Our unique heater treatment rental service eliminates these dangers and prioritizes your safety above all else. Not only are you and your home safe from chemicals, but your furniture too! Nothing has to be removed or shifted around. Simply place the heater in the room, use it according to our representative’s instructions, and voila! No more bed bugs!

Yes! The Beg Bug Co-Op offers a unique service that lets you rent the equipment and apply the bed bug heater treatment according to your own schedule. We eliminate long appointments and scheduling conflicts with our easy-to-use heating technology and drop-off service. 


A representative drops off the heating unit and gives you a quick rundown on how it works – that’s it! You are free to use the machine at your own convenience. Once you are done, let us know and we’ll come to pick it up at a convenient time for you.

The Bed Bug Co-op offers a unique, hassle-free bed bug removal service that is not found anywhere else in the Ottawa region. Our heater treatment rental service provides you with an unmatched level of convenience and flexibility that isn’t possible with other bed bug extermination companies.


With nearly a decade of experience and countless 5-star reviews, we’re confident that our service will equip you with everything you need to safely and quickly remove any trace of bed bugs in your home. Our 6-month and lifetime guarantee ensures that you won’t find any more bed bugs in your home ever again!